Vegans, low-carbers, gluten-free dieters, and nearly all individuals trying to shed a few pounds face the tough task of cutting pasta out of their diets. Turns out you can use squash as a delicious pasta substitute.
Darya from foodie blog Summer Tomato shows us some dos (rotate the squash while peeling) and some don'ts (don't peel the squash directly over the bowl or overcook the noodles) when it comes to making squash noodles:

There's a recipe for "Summer Squash Pasta & Simple Tomato Sauce" at Summer Tomato, along with more detailed instructions, but before you run off to the kitchen: tell us about your favorite diet-friendly food substitutes (and about just how tasty they are or aren't).


Hyundai Grand Starex Royale
Hyundai has updated the Hyundai Grand Starex with a new front grille that features a slatted design rather than the original Starex’s mesh grille with a chrome surround and a chrome bar going through it. The new model is called the Hyundai Grand Starex Royale. The wing mirrors are also now body-coloured instead of black, and now feature signal indicators on them.
One of the gripes that we had in our Grand Starex review was also the absence of a rear windscreen wiper - this has now been added onto the Grand Starex Royale. On the interior there is a new Pioneer touch screen LCD DVD player that is linked to a 7 inch LCD screen located at the middle top of the MPV for rear passenger enertainment purposes.
For more details on whether the Grand Starex is a worthy addition to your fleet of vehicles especially if you have a growing family (the Starex has a total of 11 seats with seatbelts - that’s alot of people!), check our our test drive review of the Grand Starex. Or look after the jump for more photos of the updated Hyundai Grand Starex Royale. It’s priced at RM148,888 OTR in West Malaysia and RM153,997.50 OTR in East Malaysia. Four colours are available - Crystal White, Stone Black, Sleek Silver and Carbon Grey.

Read more: http://paultan.org/#ixzz0NlovlNNB

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